Our Team

  • We’re a close-knit family of engineers, scientists, designers and analysts and we live to make better web-based applications to solve complex business problems in the education and corporate sectors.
  • We’re all about efficiency. We are a resourceful group, wearing multiple hats and relying on few support personnel. We embrace the pursuit of knowledge. But for us, true merit goes way beyond that. Passion and imagination are a couple of key qualities.
  • We love writing code, solving complex problems, and working hard. We’re all about recognizing merit, and creating an environment where smart people can reach their potential.
  • We’re extremely dedicated to our client relationships and believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships.  We like it when clients ask questions and challenge us with new innovations.
  • We’re our own biggest critics, and we’re never satisfied with our first draft. We refine and improve our products until they’re great.

AllofE believes in never settling for less than great.

Our Mission

  • To build a better future for our clients and ourselves by becoming a leader in the e-business industry.
  • To develop a mutually supportive organizational environment that generates resourceful industry solutions and encourages creativity, innovation, growth, and success.
  • To be committed to creating greater value for our clients by providing the highest quality consulting services and state-of-the-art software products.

Empower, Evolve, Convey

  • We will challenge you, expecting you to contribute from the very moment you start with us.  We have confidence in your creative gifts and problem solving abilities. You’ll be encouraged and rewarded to express your ideas in fresh and unique ways. We hope that once you see this concept in action you’ll be inspired to set new goals for yourself, limited only by your imagination.
  • Change. It’s constant. Our customers change. Technology changes. Our solutions must change too. Our mentoring and training programs will teach you to be the best in the industry and encourage you to explore new areas. Your responsibility is to help evolve our business. Listen to our customers. Track emerging technologies. Help define the path we’ll continue on.
  • To convey our ideas and products to our customers is a big request. We want to express our goal to become a long-term partner, not a vendor. We want to communicate the variety of solutions we offer and the various ways they can be personalized and tailored to fit their needs. Finally, we want to convey the importance of customer feedback in helping our business evolve.