Auction Plus started in Kansas with plans to provide an auction management service to individuals and corporations to manage the EBAY auctioning process. Auction Plus’ philosophy is geared towards simplifying this process for its clients by taking care of every aspect of the auction process from uploading the item to EBAY to shipping the item and distributing payments. The company now services two locations for customers to drop off, list, and sell items on EBAY: Deer Creek Hen House in Kansas and Lee’s Summit Hen House in Missouri. Auction Plus needed a web based system to track items through the auction process. Therefore Auction Plus contacted AllofE to develop a Web Auction Manager that would directly integrate with EBAY, PayPal, and UPS and include complex business logic to meet all backend integration requirements. It would enable customers to drop off auction items and let Auction Plus manage the entire auctioning, invoicing, and payment processes for them.

Client Requirements

  • Create an enterprise level system that serves as the basis of operation.
  • Increase process efficiency to eliminate manual functions and reduce required human resources.
  • Ability to scale system with evolving organizational requirements.
  • Workflow engine to track EBAY item listings and payments to customers.
  • Track payment installations from the buyer to Auction Plus and from Auction Plus to the seller.
  • Track shipping schedules: for Regular Customers – from Auction Plus to the buyer, and for Commercial Customers – from seller to buyer.
  • Time frame for full implementation that is less than six weeks from the start of the project.
  • Automate manual functions for customer support, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.


AllofE developed a web based auction management system for Auction Plus to manage their item listings on EBAY. The application allowed Auction Plus to track corporate and individual auction items that had been listed through them. Designers added a workflow engine to manage all system processed so that Auction Plus, EBAY, and clientele would know at any given time the location and status of the item. The system directly integrated with PayPal, UPS, and EBAY and included complex business logic to meet EBAY and PayPal backend integration requirements. It enabled customers to drop off auction items and let Auction Plus manage the entire auctioning, invoicing, and payment processes for them. The implementation timeframe for: requirements gathering, design, development, testing and implementation was less than six weeks.


With AllofE’s Web Auction Manager, Auction Plus efficiently ran the company and effectively tracked all business processes. The web based system kept the company updated with item listing statuses as well as provided customer relationship management and support by automatically generating email notifications and tracking information. While Auction Plus simplified the auction management process for its customers, the new online system simplified all internal and business processes for Auction Plus management and employees.