Basehor-Linwood USD #458 is a combined district that serves the communities of Basehor and Linwood as well as an extensive rural population from the surrounding areas. The district consists of three elementary schools, one intermediate school, one middle school, and one high school. The schools are dedicated to creating and developing alternative approaches to delivering educational processes through the use of current and emerging technologies. They offer a variety of educational opportunities such as the Distance Learning Program that has been created for those students who are looking for enrichment opportunities and students who are seeking alternative ways of earning academic credit. Building on their success, Basehor-Linwood extended their district to incorporate virtual schools. The purpose of these schools is to provide a quality educational choice to students who, for their own unique and personal reasons, need an alternative to traditional schools. BVLS was the first virtual school established in 1998 as an option for kindergarten through 12th grade students in the state of Kansas. It has been successful in connecting with students who are being homeschooled and students who seek alternative education.

Client Requirements

Basehor-Linwood’s requirements were multifaceted. With their tremendous growth they decided to team up with AllofE Solutions to help them expand their existing systems. This partnership will allow them to advance in technology and achieve their goal of delivering the most innovative systems out there. Some of the advanced solutions from AllofE that Basehor-Linwood has deployed already are: A state-of-the-art online testing system that provides them with a tool to create and track web-based learning and testing. A content management system designed to give institutions complete control over their web site layout, look and feel, and content.


With the new online testing system, Basehor-Linwood School District was able to quickly and easily generate web based tests in multiple formats without any previous computer knowledge. Students, faculty, and staff were able to access the system from anywhere and at anytime, allowed them to setup and take tests, provided automatic grading, and monitored their results. The system automatically graded each test and allowed teachers to later modify grades and manually grade essay and short answer questions. ExamN provided Basehor-Linwood with an online testing program that completely transformed their virtual school testing processes.

  • Allows any user, regardless of technical knowledge, to create and manage tests
  • Provides an online application that allows for anytime-anywhere access for test creating, taking, and grading.
  • Ensures the site is easy to use so that tests can be taken with absolutely no computer knowledge.
  • Manages tests for multiple schools, teachers, grades, and classes with advanced search and filtering capabilities to quickly locate a test.
  • Allows instructors to assign users to testing groups.
  • Allows instructors to define date ranges that each test is available, the number of times it can be taken, and a minimum percentage that must be achieved to pass.
  • Creates a reporting module to generate result summaries, student reports, and exportable documents based on each test, student, and class.
  • Incorporates question validation into the tests so that test can have questions that are required or have formatting validation as numerical, date, email, etc.
  • Creates test questions in multiple formats: lists, dropdowns, open-ended questions, and more.
  • Assigns points to each answer within a question allowing for partial and full credit answers.
  • Allows test creators to define whether the student can retake the test and whether they only have to retake the questions they answered incorrectly.
  • Creates question banks to quickly pull questions and answers for tests based on school, grade level, subject, etc.
  • Provides automatic grading with the ability to manually grade any question, redistribute points, or change existing grades.
  • Automatically calculates percentages based upon number of points achieved and number of points possible.
  • Has a security structure with user id and password authentication.


ContentM allowed Basehor-Linwood School District to manage both their district and virtual school Web sites through one centralized application. It provided a consistent look and feel across pages and sections and allowed users to access pages in their site in 3 clicks or less, reducing the time it took to find content across the entire site. Faculty and staff were able to access and maintain the site anytime and from anywhere through an advanced security that controlled access to the system and its functionality. Not only was ContentM user-friendly, it grew with the organization and its content management needs simplified the entire Web site management process.

  • A web based content management system designed to give institutions complete control over their site layout, look and feel, and content.
  • Includes a Rich Text Editor for easy content formatting and updating with no technical or html knowledge.
  • Provides “edit in place” content management through a user intuitive interface.
  • Automatically generates the menu, pages, site map, and search information as content is added and updated.
  • Allows school districts to manage individual school sites, teacher and classroom portals and more.
  • Manages separate home pages for classes, faculty, and staff.
  • Gives teachers an easy to use web site builder that integrates their site with the district and school’s site.
  • Features advanced security that lets you restrict site administrative access.
  • Simplifies changing the overall look and feel through a stylesheet and template editor.
  • Helps users create tables and insert images and links into pages.
  • Creates menu structures with infinite sub menu levels.