The Blue Springs School District covers a total of 58 square miles and includes students from the communities of Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Independence, Lake Tapawingo and Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Annual enrollment is approximately 13,012 (a 45% increase since 1980). They are one of the fastest growing areas in the state, increasing their student body by 300 each year.

Client Requirements

Blue Springs needs multiple innovative applications in order to meet the school district’s vast technology requirements. With their tremendous growth and potential to continue to expand, they have decided to partner with AllofE Solutions to implement multiple advanced solutions. These applications are:

  • A Content Management system to provide them with the ability to easily and fully control their web site content.
  • A user friendly tool specifically designed to manage and track a school district’s Professional Development.
  • A system that Maps Course Curriculum to national, state, and district level standards and benchmarks as well as helps to identify repetition and gaps in the district’s education process.
  • A web based Job Application Management system that provides a convenient way to post jobs on your web site to allow applicants to apply online as well as gives administrators a user friendly tool for tracking and processing results.
  • A Room Scheduling system to manage room reservations for each school in its district as well as its central office.


  • Allows an organization to manage multiple sites from one centralized interface.
  • Includes a Rich Text Editor for easy content formatting and updating with no technical or html knowledge.
  • Provides “edit in place” content management through a user intuitive interface.
  • Automatically generates the menu, pages, site map, and search information as content is added and updated.
  • Allows school districts to manage individual school sites, teacher and classroom portals and more.
  • Manages separate home pages for classes, faculty, and staff.
  • Gives teachers an easy to use web site builder that integrates their site with the district and school’s site.
  • Features advanced security that lets you restrict site administrative access.
  • Provides a global search and replace to make site wide updates more efficient.
  • Allows you to spell check your entire site at the click of a button.
  • Simplifies changing the overall look and feel through a stylesheet and template editor.
  • Connects menu items to pages, other Web sites, documents, collections.
  • Helps users create tables and insert images and links into pages.
  • Creates menu structures with infinite sub menu levels.
  • Ensures that links and images across your site are working through a link validator tool.


With the completely user-friendly functionality of ContentM, very little training was required. Within a day the district’s administration was able to begin using the site and enter users and new site content. They were able to disperse site content responsibility across departments and user levels which allowed teachers to manage their own home pages and their class pages. The site gave students access not only to their school calendars and lunch menus but also to their class homework assignments. Each school was given the ability to manage their own content for their individual calendars, PTAs, and lunch menus. And all content could be previewed prior to ever appearing on the site which helped to ensure accuracy. The district was able to host and manage their own web-site with the most user friendly functionality for site wide spell checking, link validation, and search and replace tools to make the process quick and simple. Web-site management had never been easier and more reliable.