CSE is a large manufacturer of emblems and direct embroidery. The company specializes in producing emblems for uniform clothing companies and provides direct embroidery service to other organizations. CSE needed to convert their inefficient manual system of filing 3×5 cards for each customer to a database on their server. They also wanted a system to store past orders making the reorder process quicker and easier for the customer. CSE’s use of the web through AllofE’s services has enabled them to better serve their customers, increase efficiency and cut costs.

Client Requirements

  • Build an online procurement system so CSE’s customers can place orders from wherever, whenever, and get them processed faster.
  • Integrate the system with CSE’s accounting system so that orders would automatically be entered and the fulfillment process could begin, eliminating the need to reenter order information manually into the accounting system.
  • Customize the BackTick system to store past orders so that customer can search for their previous orders and reorder using the stored information.
  • Implement the system quickly because CSE was losing market share to competitors that already had a web presence.


BackTick provides companies with a comprehensive e-Commerce, product cataloging solution. It allows for a smooth automated flow and exchange of sales transactions online. Direct backend integration into vendors and distributors, a backend management system, and user friendly ordering functionality achieve end to end e-Commerce.

  • Product catalogs tailored to customer needs.
  • Customize pricing for your business clients.
  • Design the look of your web interface.
  • Infinite item categories and subcategories.
  • Sales, quoting, and invoicing in one system.

AllofE provided a customized online procurement system that allowed CSE to create unique catalogs for different users. Immense customization options allowed businesses to create and tailor product catalogs to meet individual clients’ needs, as well as fully automate the procurement cycle. Additionally, user-friendly design meant the system would begin to deliver a substantial Return on Investment almost immediately. The system was enhanced by the ability to add digital pictures of the items so that the client could see style, font and color of the product and choose the appropriate design they wanted. AllofE was also able to integrate new quantity based pricing logic into BackTick to further adhere to CSE’s need.


The implementation of BackTick dramatically affected CSE’s business processes. Their customers now had access to a catalog that was designed specifically for their needs and sped up the order processing and fulfillment time. It also provided customers with reliable information about their orders and the authority to customize their emblems. This application greatly increased the efficiency of the order placement process within CSE and eliminated their previous cumbersome process of a manual ordering system. The implementation of BackTick greatly reduced the cost and time of order fulfillment for CSE. AllofE approached this proposal with a unique perspective of enhancing and re-engineering the existing BackTick tool to meet the data requirement needs of the Emblem and Embroidery Industry. The design team thoroughly analyzed CSE’s business requirements to fully automate their business processes. AllofE programmers next made the necessary modifications of BackTick and implemented the customized application, which seamlessly integrated with CSE’s backend. This was all completed in a month time period.