“From the first graduating class in 1918, Goddard Unified School District has proven itself a leader in educational excellence.” More than 75 percent of its students continue their education in college or vocational training. Its students are recognized by the college community for the excellent scholastic preparation provided by Goddard Unified School District — recognition that is verified by thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards granted our graduates each year. Many families specifically choose to locate in the Goddard USD #265 area because of its long-standing reputation for excellence and student achievement.

Client Requirements

  • A fully comprehensive web-based applicant tracking system that would allow prospective district employees to fill out and submit a job application form online.
  • Allow administrators to log in and view the applications received, and then provide them with options for downloading and managing the applications.
  • Allow administrators to forward applications to any other interested parties.
  • Allow applicants to upload a resume, cover letter, and other relevant documents to submit with their application.
  • Customization to display online versions of the district’s former paper application forms.
  • The ability to filter and search applications using several different criteria, most notably the date the application was submitted and the position the applicant was interested in.
  • A level of usability that would make everything fully accessible to non-technical users.


Like Goddard, many school districts have begun to recognize the need for implementing a web-based system to help post job applications online and manage and track the hiring process. Web-based applicant tracking systems give organizations the capability to manage applications online from one centralized interface. They are able to search and filter their applicant base according to various criteria, categorize and track different applicants, manage interview schedules and hiring. It achieves a streamlined hiring and decision-making process and makes jobs available to a wider applicant base.

  • Implement AllofE’s applicant tracking product with the district’s customized functionality and content.
  • Customize the application by adding client-specific forms which contain all information specified by the client, and conform to any other requirements they might have.
  • Design customized reports which allow the client to search their applicants based on the position or positions the applicant expressed interest in.
  • Set up security that is customized according to the client’s needs.
  • Make the application user-friendly without sacrificing any functionality.


AllofE’s Applicant Tracking system provided all the standard functionality for application submission and management. In addition, it provided built-in security, which could be set up with different levels that reflected the users that would be accessing the system, so that applicants could view, modify, and submit their own application while administrators could search and manage all applications. Applicant Tracking is also fully customizable, and provided the option to add multiple custom-designed application forms and customized reports according to client specifications.

The district wanted two forms, one for classified and one for certified personnel. They submitted their old paper forms to AllofE, and our designers made interactive versions of the forms, built with all Goddard’s original wording and structure from the old forms, and formatted with usability in mind.

In addition, the district wanted to search their applicant base according to position desired, so that an administrator could select one or more positions, generate the report, and abbreviated information would be shown about all applicants who had expressed interest in the position or positions selected. During implementation we set up two such reports, one for certified and one for classified personnel.


With the new online applicant tracking system, Goddard School District was able to quickly and easily check for responses to their online application forms without any previous computer knowledge. Applicants were be able to log on with their own ID and password and see the applications available to them, and easily fill out and submit the applications online. The system automatically stored each application and allowed administrators to search, export, and manage the applications. Applicant Tracking provided the district with an online job application system that completely transformed their virtual job application process.