Established in 1989, the Higuchi Biosciences Center is a center of centers engaged in biomedical research at the University of Kansas. Today, the HBC is engaged in basic research support under the oversight of the director of the HBC. Basic research support consists of space management, proposal preparation, and grants management, including purchasing, accounting, and personnel functions. In addition, the HBC provides a variety of other support services and assists in developing interdisciplinary collaborations between bioscience and biomedical researchers.

Client Requirements

Implementation of a custom online ordering system for users to submit order for research project purchases.

  • Grant account management and allocation
  • Online ordering of research materials
  • Email routing and online approval process
  • Automated workflow of complete order process from initiation to invoicing and closeout
  • Order invoicing and packaging management
  • Order tracking
  • Customized reporting module


The Higuchi Biosciences Center at the University of Kansas partnered with AllofE to develop a customized online ordering system. The system allows students and directors to submit purchase requisitions for research projects. It routes the orders internally throughout the organization and includes modules for order approval, placement, packaging, invoicing and report generation.

The goal of implementing the custom online ordering system is to:

  • Eliminate or reduce manual and paper based processes
  • Integrate all data management and order processing into one centralized application
  • Provide a customized and advanced reporting mechanism
  • Completely automate the ordering workflow from beginning to end


The Higuchi Biosciences Center has fully embraced the advanced capabilities and added efficiencies of their customized web-based solution.  Their entire ordering process and management functions are centralized into one online application where researchers can place orders, directors can approve orders and administrators can manage and track the orders.