Image Impact is a sister company of RCA Group, an event marketing and promotions company who, for over 22 years, has excelled in the sponsorship and event management business. RCA Group, under the direction of President and Founder Russ Cline, has an extensive resume of event promotions, both nationally and internationally.

Client Requirements

AllofE was commissioned to build BrandBase, a data analysis application for the company Image Impact. BrandBase works with data generated by TRI-ID reporting software. The goal of BrandBase is to provide meaningful, multilevel market research data for marketing decision-makers. It is specifically geared toward companies that are advertising or considering advertising their products during televised sporting events. It allows clients to view information in terms of general, industry-specific, and brand-specific trends.

Our Solution

BrandBase analyzes data in several ways. A few key examples include: detecting the amount of time a sponsor’s logo or advertisement is visible onscreen logging the source of the logo image (such as a billboard in the background during a game; patch on a sport player’s uniform, or an animated vignette) estimating the quality of the image given several different factors. BrandBase used two key concepts invented by Image Impact, which are Quality Index (QI) and Monetary value (MV). QI is measured by combining the factors of image duration, image size, and image isolation (whether other logos are displayed at the same time), among other considerations. MV is determined by using the duration of the image exposure during an event, combined with the cost of an advertisement of the same duration during media coverage of the same event. These factors helped clients to determine which image and product placements helped which types of sponsors to get a better return on their advertising investment. BrandBase combined this array of collected and derived data to allow Image Impact’s subscribers to view any given cross-reference between such factors as sporting events, sponsors, and types of exposure. Each drill-down view provided the subscriber with details including the quality index, monetary value, and duration of individual exposures, or an aggregate of the information for several exposures. Subscribers also had the ability to view the original data as it was collected from the televised event.


By implementing BrandBase as part of the suite of applications they provided for their subscribers, Image Impact hoped to make their vast array of available data more accessible and meaningful to a wider-ranged audience.