The School of Business at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS operates a web site that is specific to the school and its activities. It contains information concerning students, faculty, and staff. Teacher files are available on the web site and a great deal of information about the business school and the University.


• Build a completely customizable site with dynamic content that can be changed at frequent intervals

• Make the site easy to navigate by students

• Build the site so that members of the University staff can make modifications to the site with little or no programming experience


Hoping to improve the process by which large web sites are created and maintained, and at the same time make it entirely accessible to the layperson, we have developed an application that could revolutionize the way large web sites work. As we worked to develop this application we wanted to keep several key objectives in mind.

Our first objective was that the application and the sites it created be as efficient as possible. (Currently the whole application is less than 100 kb, and the pages it creates are database generated immediately, therefore, the time delays experienced by database connectivity for most sites is completely avoided since all pages are saved as HTML immediately.)

Our second objective was for it to be completely reusable, both for additions to this site and for creation of completely new and different sites in the future. (Hence, it uses highly customizable templates that can be reused as often as necessary.)

Our final objective was that the application produced complete web sites in as little time as possible. Uploading pictures, creating drop-down menus, and inserting content has been boiled down to a user-friendly point and click process. Absolutely no HTML or any other web programming knowledge is required or even necessary. (Although it lacks some unfinished content, this site and its structure of 7 main drop-down menus, Contact, Feedback, and Search functions, 35 sub-menus, and 25 third-tier menus, and multiple images on each page, was completed in less than three hours.)


AllofE provided the school with an effective web site design tool that could be utilized by any person in the organization to make customized changes to any aspect of the site. Menus, search pages and content were automatically generated. This was especially valuable when the information and services offered by the Business School were constantly being evaluated and changed. The content management tool that AllofE developed, ContentM, enabled the school to adapt to those changes in a timely and cost efficient manner. For this project, AllofE developed a content management tool that revolutionizes the way large Web sites worked. ContentM improved the process by which large Web sites were created and maintained, while making it simple for non-technical people to maintain and change content on the site.