Since its founding in 1885, the School of Pharmacy at the University of Kansas has been a leader in pharmaceutical education. Since 1996, the school has offered only the Doctor of Pharmacy degree as the entry level practice degree. The curriculum has been significantly revised to provide the education and experiential training that will provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and ability required of the pharmacy practitioner in the 21st century. The curriculum is comprehensive in scope and is designed to produce a highly competent general practitioner.

Client Requirements

  • Create a Web site that is representative of the School of Pharmacy and its unique image.
  • Use a database-driven back end to capably manage more than 4,000 pages of content across 9 different sites.
  • Ensure high-navigability for users with clean drop-down menus, despite the large amount of content available.
  • Provide a powerful search engine that easily peruses the bulk of content.
  • Create a user-friendly layout with an appealing look and feel for end-users.
  • Create permission and security functionality that allows various departments to maintain their own departmental information.
  • Provide quick and functional access to different departmental sites through consistent links. Allow faculty and staff to update and modify site content securely with no technical abilities.
  • Present site users with events managed through comprehensive calendaring.
    Implement room scheduling to eliminate scheduling conflicts and overbooking.


To accurately and efficiently meet all of the KU School of Pharmacy’s needs, AllofE developed a customized version of its ContentM application, which created, managed and maintained growing and dynamic content simply. While the content management tool is powerful and comprehensively functional, it simultaneously required no technical knowledge for use. AllofE designers began by creating a Web site that was up-to-date and appealing, offering users a fresh, clean view from page to page. Through a user-friendly point-and-click process, faculty and staff across multiple departments could update and add content to the site in real-time without technical training or abilities. Templates were customized for simple reuse and for maintaining consistency throughout the various content pieces. Quick links were added, along with a powerful search engine, to assist site visitors in accessing the right content and the right time with ease. The site provided both undergraduates and graduates with separate news and events, created with ease through the comprehensive calendaring plug-in module. AllofE concluded by adding RMTraK to the site, which allowed faculty and staff members to reserve rooms in pharmacy buildings through point-and-click features. The scheduling kept everyone informed and up-to-date, while it eliminated reservation conflicts and other potential problems.


With ContentM, KU School of Pharmacy was able to manage their large mass of content with ease, in a presentable and appealing manner. This application also allowed for easy management of site updates and modifications as content was evaluated and changed. Comprehensive calendaring provided for all of the school’s scheduling needs in conjunction with RMTraK, which eliminated room-scheduling conflicts. KU School of Pharmacy was able to make changes to their site and schedules in a timely, cost-efficient manner while they proudly displayed their modern, visually-enhanced site design to all visitors.