Miller Stauch Construction has been in operation since 1923. The company provides a full range of commercial construction services for organizations nationwide. It has earned a reputation for delivering impeccable workmanship in tandem with above-and-beyond service, always meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectation. Miller Stauch is committed to an honest, family-owned way of doing business. Customers can choose from individual construction services or select an entire development package.
Miller Stauch partnered with AllofE to develop an extensive web based application that enables the company to track and manage projects from initial bid submissions to finished product, and manage all company contacts, employee information, asset tracking and internal communications, resulting in an end to end e-Construction system. Allowing for optional functionalities such as Invoicing, Human Resource Management and Performance Monitoring helped to make the solution extremely comprehensive at the same time keeping the customizability in order to contour the package with the specific needs of Miller Stauch.

Client Requirements

  • Structure a web application with the capacity to maintain a central processing network for all jobs that the company is engaged in, and allow for smooth transitions between jobs.
  • Design a web based application that integrates the Microsoft Project component so project plans developed in MS Project can easily be imported in to the web application, accessed and updated online throughout the job process, allowing for a smooth seamless transition of project plans.
  • Keep detailed archives of progressive plan updates and provide a very thorough audit trail of every function.
  • Maintain a reliable source of logging productivity from daily operations to ensure quality product management, and provide an account to check for consistency with planned progress.
  • Efficient filing system to maintain all client and vendor service agreement contracts, with all terms and associated product information.
  • Build a resource management program that would aid in time and expense tracking and approval, project management and budgeting, client invoicing, and extensive internal reporting.
  • Construct a registry and tracking system of all assets, warranties and company orders.
  • Provide a comprehensive calendar function for all scheduling aspects of the job process, order entries, as well as employee task allotment.
  • Provide a very detailed dynamic reporting engine to build standard canned reports and also dynamic custom reports as needed.
  • Design a suite of web based business applications for extended recreational management.
  • Develop a comprehensive system to manage the entire front-end business processes.


AllofE’s programmers began by breaking down the system into several different broad classifications based on the characteristics of each required program functionality. This classification was the basis on which individual modules were created. Each easy to use module was tightly integrated into the application and seamlessly inter-connected to each other which allowed smooth data flow throughout the application. The application consisted of 28 standard modules with advanced functionality and 13 optional modules that enabled AllofE to customize each package to the specific needs of each individual company.

The first module developed for this system was the Contact and Project Manager. Within this program, the user was able to store all related contract company and user information, and was able to generate Subcontractor history reports that included all relevant project information such as location of site, name of customer, description of project, cost, and projected end date.

Another aspect of this assignment was to build a module that provided comprehensive Job site management. AllofE developed the fully integrated Job site, daily logs and time cards modules which allowed users of the system to record daily progress, time worked and review project plans online as well as managed projects from any remote location. The Time Cards, Daily Log, and Project modules were closely integrated to track all project related expenses and labor hours. This provided comprehensive budgeting functionality to the project management task. The application also included modules that managed bid proposals, invoices, message boards, purchase orders, and report generation.

AllofE also built an Asset Tracking module that stored information on the location and condition of all equipment, and terms related to service warranties that had been issued as well as warranties of equipment rented from vendors.


ACMS dramatically affected Miller Stauch’s business processes. With a new highly efficient system Miller Stauch was better equipped to accurately estimate project material and labor needs, costing, and completion dates. They were also able to cut costs from inconsistent work practices by tracking project progress information immediately from any location. Employees now had easy access to record time information, view project plans, and manage submissions, transmissions, meetings, and more.