National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) provides truck drivers and organizations with comprehensive guides to semi truck repair facilities nationwide. This enables drivers to get better maintenance and repair information in order to compare prices, services, and availability of shop locations while on the road. Due to an increase in website usage for information and product purchasing, NTTS needed a database driven site that provided on line shop location information as well as allow customers to purchase their CD and book products.

Client Requirements

  • Create an easy to use website for searching shop locations by zip code, state, city, miles, and services.
  • Develop an administrative interface to monitor and maintain all shop and related location and dealer information.
  • Design a quick and easy purchasing process for CD’s and Books of shop locations.
  • Maintain advertising information for participating shops and locations.
  • Allow end users to enter and view their own preferred locations when not available through the website.
  • Calculate distances between locations based on location longitude and latitude.


AllofE developers began by integrating existing data into the system including all shop and locations, dealers, and zip codes and coordinates. They then developed and incorporated a complex formula to automatically find data and calculate distance based on the latitude and longitude. The next task was to build the most comprehensive and user friendly interfaces available. To do this, the developers considered and consulted with end users to determine their information needs. An administrative interface was created to maintain all database information. A website user interface was then developed with an extensive search to find any location quickly and easily. AllofE recognized the need to customize some aspects of the site for the end user and, therefore, added functionality to allow users to add their own shop location information for shops that were not available on the site. The users could access this information anytime they logged into the site. Finally, AllofE developed a quick and easy ordering and checkout process for buying CD’s and books of shop locations.


The site resulted in a greater web presence for NTTS. This presence offered website users every possible medium for their shop location needs. They were able to access information through the website or through the purchase of a book or CD. In addition, the information could be customized for them in such a way that there was no need to use any other competitor’s site. Therefore NTTS was better equipped to lock in their website user customer base and market to the maintenance and repair shops in order to advertise with them. As a result, NTTS was able to increase their profits further.