Sprint PCS is the largest 100 percent digital, nationwide PCS wireless network in the United States. It serves the majority of the nation’s metropolitan areas including more than 4,000 cities and communities. The Sprint PCS Technology Refresh group was established to provide Sprint PCS and LDD users with new technology. The group’s initiative was to replace computer systems with new technology as the old systems reach their end life. The Refresh group sought to eliminate the numerous inefficiencies of their manual paper-based process. Sprint PCS, as a leader in technical innovation, recognized AllofE’s expertise in web based applications and their ability to add value in this area.

Client Requirements

  • Integrate multiple existing databases to a single database.
  • Build an application, to replace multiple manual processes, that can be accessed via the Internet through a Sprint PCS Refresh website.
  • Make this site extremely user friendly and secure through the use of a login ID and password.
  • Have an Administration Interface that allows Administrators to change permissions, modify access for groups, add or delete members to groups, and change passwords or login Ids.
  • Allow analysts to query and print reports on multiple elements of the database.
  • Develop a system with the ability to dynamically change the workflow process.
  • Track a system refresh from initiation to delivery and installation.
  • Provide a comprehensive calendar function for all scheduling aspects of the refresh process.


AllofE responded quickly with its vast knowledge of web based applications to develop and implement this customized system in a 6-week timeframe. The focus was to make the site extremely functional and easy to navigate. AllofE accomplished this objective and the system decreased the refresh process time by over 75 percent.

AllofE used a team of expert systems analysts to evaluate Sprint Refresh’s current business processes, which included many manual processes while using numerous separate databases. They next eliminated redundancies wherever possible and explored ways that technology could be deployed along all aspects of the process to cut costs, increase employee satisfaction, automate the process as much as possible and decrease the time it took to fulfill requests. The result was a system that could be accessed from anywhere via the Internet and that increased efficiency and improved employee satisfaction.

A key component of the system was the ability to route and track Refresh requests through all phases of approval. There was also an archive function to view past requests. A single integrated database was key in allowing reports on a variety of functions. This provided an invaluable forecasting and budgeting aspect to the system that further helped to plan, eliminate inventories, increase response time, etc.


This site, used by over 1,000 unique users, replaced multiple manual processes and streamlines an inefficient system. It resulted in cost savings and a faster response and resolution of Refresh requests. It increased employee satisfaction because their systems updated easier and faster. It served as a great boost for forecasting and budgeting due to the ability to mine the database for information and get reports on a variety of factors. It further bolstered AllofE’s relationship with Sprint.