Sprint Product Group (SPG) is a division of Sprint, a global communications company that serves 23 million business and residential customers in over 70 countries. SPG has built relations with more than 50 global manufacturing allies in order to create manufacturing solutions based on high-performing, low-cost, quality products. It has developed the Sprint Structured Wiring Services to combine voice, data, and video transmission capabilities into a single high-speed, highly flexible communication network. They have developed a curriculum that covers a basic introduction to structured wiring, a review of industry standards, system design methods and more. Completion of the course and passing Certification testing earns sales representatives, systems installers and technicians Sprint Certification. SPG came to AllofE to develop a web based training and testing tool that would manage their certification process for users across the nation.

Client Requirements

  • Provide a web based application that allows for anytime-anywhere access.
  • Convert existing training course slide presentations into a web based, interactive presentation.
  • Integrate online training with ExamN, online testing system.
  • Import paper based test questions into testing system.
  • Build user friendly interfaces to manage their custom technician information.
  • Allow users to register themselves online to access training material and take certification tests.
  • Ensure the site is easy to use so that users can easily login, access training material, and get certified.
  • Develop tests in the format most conducive for easy comprehension and usability.
  • Automatically grade tests and present results to the user.
  • Allow users to print certificates, wallet cards, and letters for certification.
  • Create a reporting module to generate result summaries, grades, and certificates.
  • Design a scalable solution that could later be used by end customers to locate certified technicians.


AllofE first designed and developed a training tool that converted SPG’s existing training course content into a web based, interactive presentation. Developers then integrated the training tool into ExamN, online testing application. They imported in the questions for the certification test and the user information for technicians that needed to be recertified. Developers created a customized login for technicians to register themselves online for training and certification. They enhanced the system to track certificates and other custom documents and allowed users to print them based on their certification status. Within 8 weeks from the initiation of the project, systems analyst implemented the system. It was accessible via the web and available for technician certification.


AllofE’s training tool allowed SPG to manage Sprint Structured Wiring Services certification online. Technicians could access training material and take tests for certification and the 3-year recertification online anytime and anywhere. After passing the certification test, they were able to access the system at any time to print and reprint their personalized certificate, cards, and letters. SPG was able to eliminate the costly and time consuming manual training courses. The scaleable solution streamlined the training process by eliminating manual processes, saving personnel time, and increasing efficiency.