Saint Luke’s Health System includes nine hospitals and many physician practices in the Kansas City metropolitan area and surrounding region. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that confidentiality be maintained for all sensitive healthcare information. Due to the mandatory nature of compliance with the HIPAA act, St. Luke’s Health System chose AllofE to create a unique version of it’s online testing system for competency training and examination purposes. This version of online testing conveniently helped St. Luke’s employees meet the requirements for their HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) training. With the new application, St. Luke’s Health System was able to easily ensure that all of their employees are trained in a timely manner and provided with convenient and easy access to training materials and tests.

Client Requirements

  • Develop a system to track compliance testing of employees.
  • Provide a web based application that allows for anytime-anywhere access.
  • Ensure the site is easy to use so that tests can be taken with absolutely no computer knowledge.
  • Develop tests in the format most conducive for easy comprehension and usability.
  • Allow for the tests to be directly connected to their internal network.
  • Create a reporting module to generate result summaries, student reports, and exportable documents based on each test.
  • Allow for the results to be exported directly to spreadsheet format.
  • Build a security structure with user id and password authentication.
  • Track exactly which tests the employee has taken and which questions were answered correctly.
  • Require 100% correctness for the employee to pass the test.
  • Allow employees to continue training until they had mastered each section.
  • Allow the employee to take each page in a test separately allowing them to take the training in parts and always start where they previously stopped.
  • Automatically grade each training test section.
  • Display test results after each test page with links to corresponding Privacy documentation on each question.
  • Only require the employee to retake questions that were previously missed.


AllofE designed and developed a system to specifically manage the HIPAA training process for organizations in the healthcare industry. Analysts gathered system requirements and designed a scalable, customizable, and flexible solution that would cover infinite and growing needs. Data managers then imported Saint Luke’s training questions into the system and setup user groups so that the hospital could assign training material to employees based on their functional area. Developers created a backend integration process with Saint Luke’s existing intranet system to use a common username and password authentication structure. Implementation managers then implemented the system on Saint Luke’s server and connected it directly to the hospital’s intranet. The system went live and was used to manage all HIPAA training for existing and new employees in the Saint Luke’s Healthcare System.


With AllofE Privacy Training system, Saint Luke’s was able to ensure that all employees met the HIPAA training requirements. The web based system provided employees with a simple and convenient training tool and helped administration easily manage and update training material. This scalable solution allowed Saint Luke’s to efficiently track and manage HIPAA training on an enterprise level basis.