The University of Hartford is a private, independent, nonsectarian, coeducational university located in West Hartford, Connecticut. Its 350-acre main campus touches portions of three municipalities: Bloomfield, Hartford, and West Hartford. The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is a 3-year, full-time program. Its mission is to graduate competent, ethical, and autonomous physical therapists who value practice, research, and lifelong learning.


Bonnie Cameron, Clinical Education Administrator used a combination of internally developed databases, spreadsheets, paper forms, files, and documents. Dawn Roller, Director of Clinical Education approached us because she wanted to aggregate and centralize all information into one place.

On the clinical side, Hartford needed an easy way to track documents and requirements of the clinical sites they work with. They wanted to streamline the process of scheduling students at sites. They needed to automate correspondence with clinical sites to maintain relationships and easily request affiliations from year to year. They wanted to ensure that students were prepared with all documentation and requirements before sending out to work at site.

On the curriculum side, Hartford was challenged with the release of new standards by their accrediting body and wanted to track the transition of curriculum content from the old to the new CAPTE Evaluative Criteria.



Faculty can break down course content to show what is getting covered in the curriculum tied back to CAPTE Evaluative Criteria, Teaching Levels, Learning Environments, Evaluation Methods, and Topic Threads.  Faculty will also be able to easily identify gaps and redundancy in curriculum, maintain a curriculum that evolves based on changes in requirements, changes in the industry, and student performance, easily see where a specific evaluative criterion is getting covered, how it is getting covered, and how that content is being reinforced, and track topic threads across all courses in the curriculum to show repetition and sequencing.


eValuate sends weekly reminders to clinical instructors and students who need to complete evaluations to ensure the forms are submitted on time. Students evaluate their clinical experience, clinical instructor, and site to collect information the PT program needs for their “Physical Therapist Student Evaluation of Clinical Experience and Clinical Instruction”. Administrators can now easily see which forms have and have not been completed. Reports on results at a detailed level and aggregates data by evaluation criteria, evaluee, evaluator, CAPTE criteria, and more.


Students receive automatic reminders of expiring certifications such as CPR and First Aid. Students and administrators receive automatic reminders of expiring immunizations to ensure students are up to date on all required immunizations and certifications before they go to a clinical site. Administrators receive automatic reminders of affiliation agreements and contract expirations with clinical sites.


The schedule planner automates placement of students at sites and has a color coded interface based on location settings such as Inpatient Acute Care, Outpatient Hospital, Outpatient Neurology to see type of experience students are getting. Administrators track how many students each clinical site will take for a period and how many are already scheduled at the site, then they can schedule students at multiple locations in the same time period. All documentation related to scheduling students easily accessible through schedule planner.


Hartford can easily track documents and requirements of the clinical sites they work with. Through their automated correspondence with clinical sites, they can maintain relationships with the sites and easily request affiliations. They now have a streamlined scheduling process and the ability to ensure students are prepared with all documentation and requirements before sending them to their sites. On the curriculum side, Hartford faculty are able to track the transition of curriculum content from the old to new CAPTE Evaluative Criteria.