The University of Western States is a private college dedicated to the art of health science. They have about 475 students and are located in Portland, Oregon.

Client Requirements

On the curriculum side, Western States wanted to track course related goals and learning objectives tied back to Meta Competencies, Program Objectives, and board exam content. Their faculty needed to be able to run reports on what was being covered, where, and by whom. Not only did they want to track what was getting covered in the curriculum, but also how students were performing based on what they were being taught. Before partnering with AllofE, Western States administered many assessments on paper. They use a mix of assessment methods:  Multiple choice tests, essays, research projects, performance based assessments, evaluations. On the clinical side, Western States struggled with massive amounts of experience related data, competencies, and requirements tracking. They tracked all experience and evaluations on paper and manually tallied all totals in spreadsheets.


We implemented the eMedley platform with eCurriculum, ExamN, eCLAS, eValuate, and eKeeper.


eCurriculum gives you the ability to map Course goals to Meta Competencies, Board Exam Topics, Program Objectives, and Learning Measures and to map Course Learning Objectives to Course Goals. Through the Overlap Analysis Report, faculty can run reports across the curriculum on where content is covered, when it is covered, and who is covering it. Through the Gap Analysis Report, faculty can easily find what is missing or gaps in curriculum. Additionally, faculty can view reports on which course objectives cover specific Meta Competencies, Board Exam Topics, and Program Objectives.


eClas tracks information for Complex Cases, Patient Care, Rotations, Virtual Cases, File Audits, Rehabilitation Skill Checklists, Document Submissions, Critically Appraised Topic Research, New Patient Referrals, Public Speaking Events, Clinical Justification Plans, Self Reflections, and more. Faculty can view reports showing requirements, what student has already completed, and what still needs to be completed.


ExamN manages and organizes assessment items of all types: multiple choice to open ended to performance based questions. Faculty members save time because ExamN automatically grades multiple choice and short answer questions. It allows instructors to build grading rubrics to use when grading open response assessments. Faculty can run reports on student performance tied to learning objectives, competencies, and topics across all assessment instruments and view detailed item analyses, reliability analyses, score correlations, and competency based reporting dashboards.


eValuate automates the evaluation process with automatic reminders. We took their existing paper based evaluation forms and built them into eValuate. This has allowed them to administer performance based evaluations, clinical assessments and evaluations, and practical hands on assessments and to report on criteria grouped by competencies such as Communication, Assessment and Diagnosis, Professionalism. Because they also implemented with ExamN, Western States can can track student performance to see how are our students performing across the board on competencies, objectives, and topics.


AllofE worked closely with Dr. Stefanie Krupp, Program Manager, University Outcomes Assessment and Reporting, and Dr. Rachael Pandzik, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, to define curriculum structure. Dr. Krupp and Dr. Pandzik worked with faculty to gather existing course curriculum documents and map courses to goals and learning objectives. AllofE preloaded in existing course curriculum, Meta Competencies, Board Exam Topics, Program Objectives, Learning Measures to map into curriculum.

AllofE worked closely with Christin Bankhead, Executive Manager for Clinical Internship to gather existing paper based forms, documents, and evaluations. We also worked together to identify and define reporting and tracking needs and requirements for the program. We automated all paper based forms, document submissions, tally’s, and reporting. Then, we implemented workflow approval processes for every module so that supervising faculty clinicians can validate the student experience. Finally, we integrated evaluations from eValuate to track performance on types of experience.