VSR Financial Services is a full-service securities broker/dealer founded in 1985 that focuses on long-term investment strategies and products for their clientele. VSR stands as the second-largest broker/dealer domiciled in the state of Kansas. By design, VSR is a small firm providing individualized service and support with their highest priority being to build and maintain long-term relationships. Through their network of more than 200 representatives, VSR represents over 80,000 client accounts throughout North America.

Client Requirements

VSR operates 3 websites: a corporate site, a publicly accessible representative recruitment site, and a password-protected intranet portal for existing representatives. VSR required a comprehensive system with a unified architecture to centralize the management of these sites and integrate solutions for web form management, online training and customer relationship management.

VSR recognizes the importance of integrating technology into the development of representatives that are dispersed across the nation. They partnered with AllofE to deploy a comprehensive and integrated solution to accomplish the unique specifications of their web content platform. AllofE built a solution to improve and enhance performance while maintaining VSR’s high level of service and support to their clientele. Through sophisticated web based portals, AllofE provided VSR with a comprehensive content management platform that supports their technology integration strategy.

  •  Enterprise-level web content management system with a unified infrastructure.
  • Advanced portal technology with secure login and password authentication for representatives to access restricted forms and financial information.
  • Dynamic web form management system through the integration of FormXen.
  • Personalized roadmaps for representatives to track strategic goals and yearly progress.
  • Smart content manipulation interfaces for the efficient management of all site content.
  • Integration of document and file management solution.
  • Scalability to support the expansion of future content management requirements and needs.
  • Custom management module to improve the efficiency of managing and filtering compliance meeting minutes and updates.
  • Advanced search engine optimization functionality to search across multiple site modules through relevance and ranking algorithms.
  • Integration of web based training and testing module to advance the effectiveness of the representative training process.
  • Implementation of a customized and fully integrated CRM application for representatives geographically dispersed across the nation.

Our Solution

AllofE’s integrated solution approach provided VSR with a unified architecture to support content management, form management, document management, online testing and customer relationship management through one cohesive platform. Through the integration of FormXen, VSR is able to build dynamic web forms that provide real-time results. AllofE’s file management system facilitated dramatic efficiency improvements in the document management process. The scalability of the system allows for management of an infinite number of sites beneath one solution umbrella. The online training module contributes to the overall preparation and performance of representatives by automating 100% of the training process. The solution ensures that representatives are prepared with the most timely and accurate standards, laws and requirements. The standardization of VSR’s software infrastructure allows for the proactive management of representative information through the CRM application. The CRM serves as an enabler in efficiently and effectively managing representative accounts.