Woodford County School District is one of the highest performing districts in the state of Kentucky.  Woodford County High School is ranked 8th within Kentucky by U.S. News. The district is comprised of 6 schools and one alternative program and has approximately 4,118 students enrolled P-12. The district’s mission is to “provide challenging learning opportunities for all students, promote student growth and achievement, and prepare students to strive for excellence.”

Client Goals

To help achieve one of its many goals towards promoting student growth and achievement throughout the district, Woodford County Public Schools will utilize Matrix to monitor data and student progress from NWEA Map, K-PREP, Aimsweb, and internally developed Common Assessments.


The district takes a proactive approach to tracking progress through the development and administration of district wide common assessments that have been aligned directly to grade level standards and given to students multiple times throughout the year.   In order to accommodate the custom Common Assessment data, AllofE developed a new Common Assessment tracking module that allows the district to view student performance at the district, building, classroom, and individual student levels on each of these assessments.

The Common Assessment data is provided within the same platform as district wide data on other assessments such as K-PREP, NWEA Map, and Aimsweb providing teachers and administrators both holistic and detailed views of performance on all assessment measures.  The comprehensive data will help the district analyze performance to make instructional decisions throughout the year.

Matrix empowers school districts to improve their data intelligence, decision making and trend analysis capabilities by bringing together data from various sources (demographics, assessments, schedules, behavior etc.) into intuitive, comprehensive reporting dashboards.